The future of POS is apps

We strive to solve daily problems with simple utilitarian apps for merchants.

Our Clover Apps

Payouts Manager

Make payouts on your Clover POS (bottle refunds, cash drop, lottery payouts, etc.)

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Rent Item

Rent Item is a solution to rental businesses (cafes, playrooms, car/bike rental agencies).

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Use this app to setup actions. You can set triggers for add (or ask to add) fees, items, or notes to orders.

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Task Manager

Task manager allows you to manage tasks with minimal time. Ideal for employee management.

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Order Discounts

You can setup discounts that will be added to your order automatically. Or you can use it for Cash Discounting.

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The app allows you to set the quantity of one item inside another one and unpack them.

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Inventory Manager

Use your phone/browser or Clover POS to manage items. Scan items and set quantity with a couple of taps.

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Text on Receipts

Print custom texts on your receipts. Schedule one time event (like sale) or endless (warning for customers).

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Price Check

Check a product price by its barcode. Tap on the "Lookup" button and scan your item by the barcode scanner.

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Show alerts to your employees during the work day.

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Item Discounts

You can create fixed or percentage discounts for specific days and times.


Auto Item

With this simple app, you can create several triggers for the Register app.

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Customer Discounts

You can create amounts or percentage discounts for specific customers.

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Age Verify

Create one or more items groups with minimal age required to put them in order.

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Widget Calculator

Quick access to calculator and it's history on every screen/app on your Clover POS.

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Cost Discounts

You can create discounts that override your current prices to items' costs.


Wishes On Receipts

Send random wishes to your customers via their order receipts.

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Return Item

You can return all the refunded items back to your inventory.

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Deposits Manager

Setup your own deposits and return them to customers

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Contacts On Receipts

Print information about your website, phone, and business accounts.

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Games On Receipts

You can print a lot of puzzles on a receipt manually or automatically.

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QR Codes On Receipts

Print your contacts, WiFi passwords, websites, and more. You can share this information with your customers via QR codes on receipts.

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Customer Assigner

With this app, you can automate customer assignment processes.

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