Rent Item for Clover POS: How to setup and use

Rent Item is a solution to rental businesses. This app helps you to manage your items for rent, track time and charge by the second/minute/hour/day or just use fixed-price items.


  • Create items for rent;
  • Track rental time;
  • Search by order id;
  • Enter special notes to each order;
  • Fully integrated with Clover Register.

How to use:

  • Download and open the app on your Clover device;
  • Create items for rent in inventory section inside the app;
  • Tap on a created item for rent and fill in and submit an order form;
  • If you ready to check out, go to the orders section inside the app and tap on the order.
  • Inside order screen tap on "check out".
  • A successful payment will return you back to Rent Item from your register.

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