How to delete my Clover account?

Clover did not offer a self-service option for users to delete their accounts directly from their website or app. To do it, you would typically need to contact Clover's customer support for assistance. We will show you the general steps to get your Clover account deactivated:

  1. Compose an Email: Open your email client and create a new email.
  2. Address it to Clover Support: In the "To" field, enter "". This email address should be available on Clover's official website or in their terms of service.
  3. Subject: Use a clear and concise subject line, such as "Account Deletion Request."
  4. Compose the Email: In the body of the email, explain that you wish to delete your Clover account. Provide any necessary account information to verify your identity. Express your request clearly and politely.
  5. Send the Email: Send it to Clover's customer support.
  6. Follow-up: Wait for a response from Clover's team. They may require additional information or verification before proceeding with the account deletion.

It's essential to check Clover's official website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date information on how to close your account.